Our Values

At Milestone Mill, we believe that a handful of flour is more than just a pantry staple–it’s a connection to the land, to the farmers who tend the fields, to the millers who grind the grains, and to the bakers and cooks in the community.

But not all flour feeds us well.

That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing sustainably grown, nutritionally complex grains back to the table. In a global market focused on maximizing shelf life and volume, it’s a radical idea to feed local communities with local grain. No preservatives, no bleaching, just essential goodness, grown and crafted right here.

We strive to:

Nourish Our COmmunity

Our products are fresher, more flavorful, and more nutritious than conventional foods. They are meant to nourish our community, to be cooked, baked, and enjoyed. To increase access to our products, we are committed to working with public schools, providing reduced cost and donated products to emergency food providers, and creating bilingual materials in Spanish and English. 


Sustain The Planet

We incorporate environmental sustainability into everything we do. We source organic grains and beans grown by regional farms using reduced tilling practices. Our packaging minimizes our environmental footprint and reduces plastic in the food system and our delivery van is all-electric. In the future, we’ll incorporate clean energy and green building principles in our new production facility.


Support LOCAL Farmers

The farmers who care for our land and grow our food are increasingly impacted by climate change and development pressures. We are supporting these farmers by establishing a local supply chain, paying them a fair price for their harvest, promoting sustainable staple crop production, and providing assistance with postharvest handling.



People are the heart of our work and we embrace a model that values every person in our organization, pays living wages, and offers benefits. As our work grows and evolves, we will learn more and continue to deepen our commitment to the equity and wellbeing of our employees.

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